I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Here

I don’t know if it’s the summer solstice or the supermoon or what, but something is good is happening here.

I went down to Millennium Park in Chicago for an evening of music under the newly summer sky and just as quickly as I had arrived and snagged a spot for my friends and I to picnic, foreboding clouds rolled in and an announcement was made:

“According to the City of Chicago there is severe weather coming in and you should find shelter. The concert will be cancelled.”  (Some dramatic lightning and thunder to prove it).

In that moment, though I packed up my belongings, I wasn’t in a hurry. The storm was going to get me and I knew it. And I kind of wanted it to.

Then it rained. It rained real hard. It rained so hard that children were crying. People found crevices and overpasses to hide under. And I walked and laughed to the train. I needed this.

I had gone to Target to grab some snacks before heading to the park and if you’ve ever been to Target, you know… you never leave with just the thing you went for. So of course I had a tray of cheese and crackers aaaaand a brand new red dress. My things in Target bags were the only things protected from the rain, so once I made it to the train stop, I discretely, but still very publicly changed my dress (one of the many ways I know I’m still not a grown up). Now under the shelter of the train stop, but still so soaked even in my new dress, I marveled at this experience.

This rain, my new dress, summer, supermoons, all of it, it all means something. And it is good.

I just know it. It’s all good. I’m ready for this summer.

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