Still Nothing is Permanent

Still Nothing is Permanent

Temporary graffiti artist at it again.

My local temporary graffiti artist has come out after a long cold lonely winter to remind us once again that nothing is permanent. This time the reminder comes on the wall of my local bar that used to sell $1 pints of PBR and earlier this year upped it to $2. Nothing, in fact, is permanent.

I must be cosmically linked to the person who leaves these messages about my neighborhood, because this comes at just the right time. I just graduated from my graduate program, decided that I would stay a little longer in Chicago instead of moving back to California right away, and began my second full-time job search in my lifetime. Indeed, nothing is permanent and life is full of transitions.

After a whirlwind of final papers, graduation ceremonies, and celebrations, the celebratory dust is beginning to settle and I am returning to “normal” life.  The problem is, THERE IS NO NORMAL!

Never has been and never will be. This is a direct result of the impermanence of everything. How can there be a normal if nothing stays the same?

So in addition to the reminder of impermanence, I am reminding myself to get off my back and have fun in this life in between because there are no “shoulds” or “musts”, only exploration and uncovering what is new and possible.

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3 thoughts on “Still Nothing is Permanent

  1. Eva Goodreau

    It’s an awakening of sorts: a profound change from one stage of life (as you’ve known it through your various school experiences) to the next one where you will once again transform yourself. I, for one, will patiently await the complete change of circumstances you will encounter. I will eagerly watch in awe as you gracefully handle the metamorphosis of what is yet to be. I look forward to your communications about the “continuing adventures and evolution of Maddy.” And through this all I will remember the little girl with the curls who pretty much approached everything she did with a joyful heart.

    “First comes thought, then organization of that thought into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.” ~Napolean Hill

  2. Terry

    Here here! I once heard a poet quote one of his poems and it went something like, “I’d like to live my life like a river with lively expectation of what’s around the bend”. I am sure I’m messing it up, but I thought the gist of it was great. You’ll get soo used to your new normal…life as a social worker is exciting for the reason that every job, every day, every person is different.

    Congrats Maddie! And welcome to this awesome profession called Social Work!

  3. Terry

    Sorry I spelled your name wrong!

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