Don’t Get Off the Train

The trains in Chicago are all screwy. Construction is happening and they rarely seem to go where they’re supposed to. It’s a lesson in letting go of control, or admitting that I never had control to begin with; a lesson in letting the mystery be– the primary theme of my life in between. But this is not about that.

Today on my train-ride downtown there was a man on the phone. While he was on the phone telling the person on the other end, “I’ll be there in 20 minutes,” he missed the announcement that the train would be rerouted, getting us close enough to where we needed to go, but not making the usual stops. At the first stop not along the usual route, he got confused and/or scared and immediately ran off the train. The doors closed and I looked out the window to see him say, “Shit!” (I can read lips, but only when people are swearing). I’ll admit, I laughed a little at his misfortune, but then thought to myself, there’s got to be a metaphor somewhere in this. And there is.

Pay attention and try not to get confused, but in the likely chance that you do, don’t get off the train. Stay on. Figure it out. Make an informed decision. And maybe you get off the train down the line, but acting rashly is foolish. Chances are, you are okay. Stay on that train.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Get Off the Train

  1. Stefan

    “Really, what you just have to wanna do is take a ride”

  2. I think you are referring to what yogis identify as “surrender”. Let it be. Trust the process. So happy to know you! Xo

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