A Story of How My Cousin Saved Me

Several years ago, my roommate was going out on a date with a gentleman who she had met on OkCupid. She wasn’t really that comfortable with the concept of online dating, but wanted to try it out. While trying to make arrangements with the young man, she looked to me for advice. Why anyone would look to me for advice in this area of life is beyond me, but she did and I obliged.

“My cousin’s band is playing up the street at the bar on the corner.” (I was a little more specific when I wasn’t writing about it on the interwebs). “And I’m planning on going. You should just bring him there… Lots of people, I’ll be there in case it goes badly and you need to escape, the music will be great to dance to if it’s going well…”

She was sold on the idea. Then, she ran with it. “He’s bringing a friend,” she informed me. “For you.” I was a little reluctant since my family is really involved in each other’s lives and the bar would likely be filled with aunts, uncles and cousins, but not one to say no to an opportunity for a good story, I told her to bring it.

Allow me to fast forward a bit through this mess… First of all, the dude looked a little like Lloyd Christmas… blah, blah, blah… What do you do? Boring, boring, boring… Then he told me about the song that he wrote that had the word “Kung Fu” in the title. It was about how he’s good in bed*… Barf, barf, barf…

*I sincerely wish I was making this part up. Trust. I am not.

I pretty much stopped listening to him, but still tried to be a good wing-lady. As I suspected, as the night went on, my family started to trickle in. First my brother, and then my other cousin (we’ll call him K). I excused myself to the bathroom. On my way back, I stopped to talk to my family. I explained that my roommate was on a date and that I was “helping” her, for lack of a better way to describe this situation to my little brother and my younger cousin. Though I spared them my disparaging comments about the Lloyd Christmas Kung Fu master, somehow a bit of my despair shone through my eyes, as if to say “please save me…”– communicating in the way you only can with people you’ve known your whole life.

I sat back down and endured bad conversation a bit longer. The music picked up and my cousin’s band played one of my favorites and I couldn’t stay in my seat any longer. Just then, K came over and asked me to dance. There has never been a better moment.

We sang along, danced our hearts out,  laughed our hearts back in, and he even spun me a time or two. In that moment, life was sweet no matter what uncomfortable situation was waiting for me back at that table. And I owe it to K, his love of family and his sweet, sweet moves.

In memory of K, my incredible dance partner. Me and K at a wedding in the late eighties.

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5 thoughts on “A Story of How My Cousin Saved Me

  1. HP

    do u remember what the song was??

    • I actually don’t remember which song it was, but it was before Second City was released and I do know that it was a high energy song. It was back when they were playing with that girl who played accordion and sometimes sang and Irish danced too…

  2. That’s beautiful, Maderific. I love this story.
    I’m sure it’s only because I’m pregnant, or allergies, or something, but you’ve got me all verklempt.

  3. Aunt Mary

    Then how do you explain the wet stuff dripping down my cheeks onto that silly smile I can’t make go away? We both know I’m not pregnant, I have no hormones and I’m happy to say I have no allergies. It must just be my great weakness these days … cousin loving gets to me every time! Great story and perfect picture (Uncle P & Aunt J wedding).

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