There Are Always Updates To Be Installed

Whenever my computer or any of its programs reminds me that it needs updates, I always click “ignore”, or “yeah, later” or whatever the closest thing to “ABSOLUTELY NOT!” is. And when I choose not to update, it’s usually without good reason. I would claim that I’m lazy, but really?! Too lazy to say yes?! It takes the same amount of clicks to update that it does not to, and then you just have to sit there for a little bit while it does its thing. Or not. You don’t even have to sit there! It will do everything it needs to do for itself! Still, I put it off.

I have no explanation for myself.

But I’m too tired…

You probably didn’t notice, or maybe you did, but I haven’t been writing as frequently as the first half of this year and, I will tell you, it is with good reason. I have been ignoring real life messages to update the system (me!) and now there are like 32 that I have to do all at once. This is going to take some time and then I’ll have to reboot.

But this is the way it goes: We live, we do, we move, we change, and then our hearts have to catch up.

Here’s to updating and rebooting! And metaphors! And introverts! And exclamation points!

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One thought on “There Are Always Updates To Be Installed

  1. Aunt Mary

    I too could use a reboot (I think that’s why God created coffee!), but I prefer to hit life’s snooze button (or the “remind me later” option). I know I don’t do it because I’m too busy, but rather because I may not be prepared to take on the new, improved changes that come with the upgrade. I don’t think fear is your problem, though, so go ahead and click that “Yes” button and grab a good cup of coffee while you wait for the exciting changes that lie ahead.

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