Excuse Me, Excuse Me, What’s My Motivation?

This commercial, along with a few others, and still others, has a special place among my childhood memories. Oh, television, the ways you have influenced me are endless!

I digress. I always digress.

In light of taking summer classes and starting a part-time job this summer, I have found it exceedingly challenging to get motivated to complete school work. In fact, right now, at this very moment, I explicitly went to a coffee shop to work on a paper that is due on Monday. And here I sit, YouTube-ing old school commercials (and spending an excessive amount of time trying to decide how to spell YouTube-ing… Youtubing? YooToobing?) It’s fine.

Because I needed more things to distract me from my work, I began to think about motivation and what it would actually take for me to buckle down and get’er done.  So the following are the things that motivate me to do most things:

1. If it will make me laugh or I will otherwise enjoy it, then I will probably do it.

2. If I’m afraid of what will happen if I don’t do it and I can’t do it later, I’ll probably do it.

3. If I will be rewarded emotionally or monetarily for doing it, then I’ll probably do it.

4. If someone has told me that I can’t do it, but I know that I can, then I’ll probably do it.

5. If it has to be done and it will make me happy to be done with it, then I’ll probably do it, but begrudgingly.

6. If someone is relying on me to do it, then I’ll probably do it.

Wait, wait… go back! Number 5! That’s where I’m at– but at the “begrudgingly” part. Help!

One time, when I needed help getting motivated, I was thirteen and on the Cross Country team in high school and my dad told me that if I beat my best time by 15 seconds he’d take me out for a nice Italian dinner. And it worked! I beat it by 19 seconds! Take that!

So I guess what I’m saying is… Dad? Palermo? …Whaddaya say?

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3 thoughts on “Excuse Me, Excuse Me, What’s My Motivation?

  1. Aunt Mary

    Get it done and I will treat you to our next meal at C&O! And may I just had how much I enjoy it when you digress! That’s some of your best stuff!

    Love you lots!

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