The Signs of Summer

It’s been a while since my last nostalgic post, so with Memorial Day behind us and first day of summer tomorrow, I thought it might be time. Summer is always such a magical time– endless days, tank tops and dresses, swimming pools, BBQs, beaches, popsicles, and jorts. The following list is not comprehensive, but brings me back to summers past…

1. Drive-in movies.

2. Pickle. Blind Man’s Bluff. Kick the Can. Capture the Flag. And other backyard games.

3. Catching june bugs.

4. Being hosed off after a beach day on my grandma’s front lawn with my cousins. (Our parents really lined our sandy butts up right in front of the house and took a hose to us).

5. Riding bikes in circles.

6. Now and Then and The Sandlot.

7. Ice cream trucks and the products they vend.

8. Campfires and music. (Singing the Wasbash Cannonball with my dad in San Diego that one time).

9. Building forts and things  in our backyard with my sibs and family friends.

10. Running through sprinklers.

11. Dodger games.

12. Picnics in the park.

13. Summer camp and consciously making new friends for the first time.

14. Watermelon and hot dogs.

15. Kool-aid.

16. Being footloose and fancy free.

What does summer mean to you?

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3 thoughts on “The Signs of Summer

  1. Snow cones and fireflies. Oh and the sound of people walking in flip flops EVERYWHERE.

  2. Mama

    My children are home and we get to hang out together ❤

  3. Sophia

    #11… love ya madds!

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