Pushing Limits

I was mostly a rule follower when I was a child. One run-in with the parents after ring-leading my three-year-old brother in making 911 prank calls to tell them that their underwear was on fire when I was five-years-old was all I needed to scare me straight. I know– I am ashamed.  Sorry, Mom and Dad. And sorry, lady, for talking about your underwear in such a casual manner.

Since then I have been a pretty good kid: did my homework without being told and ate whatever was for dinner (except the time Mom got Mexican Pizzas from Taco Bell for everyone– I wouldn’t eat that, and I still won’t. For that, I am not sorry). No fake IDs, no late night parties, no sneaking out of my window to meet up with older boys. Honestly, if I ever did do something worthy of punishment, I’m not exactly sure how my parents would have done it. Grounding me would have been pointless because I didn’t do anything and frankly, I liked it that way. I had my moments of being mean to siblings for no reason, or giving my mom attitude while shopping for clothes for me (why do teenage girls do that?), but there wasn’t any blatant disrespect of rules. No blatant respect for the rules either, just fear of consequences. Anyway, the point is, rule following has been my M.O. for yeeeears.

I regret this.

I hear friends’ stories about their high school hijinks and am jealous that I don’t have stories of my own.  I want to do hood rat stuff with my friends, but now my chance has passed. There’s really no reason for me to sneak out of windows or have a fake ID and I don’t have a curfew to stay out past. But guess what everybody…

I just got my first speeding ticket!

I was bummed because it slowed down my 5.5 hour drive to see my sister and her family and it’s going to cost me money that I don’t have. But I have taken it as an exercise in pushing my limits– to find out how far I can go, to stretch my comfort zone until there is more comfort than discomfort in this world I live in.

I got a speeding ticket and everything is still okay. What’s next?

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2 thoughts on “Pushing Limits

  1. Mama

    AND I hope it’s your last. As Babcia would say(accent and all), “I hoped you learned your lesson.”

  2. Funny! I was just contemplating my own speeding ticket ( really tickets). Seems like a lifetime ago. I don’t know why I was driving so fast to a baby shower while I do understand the need to cut a 5 hour drive short. Hope you had a wonderful visit and the ticket was worth it!

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