The Only Way to Find a Free Feeling: My Trip to Detroit

The title for this post was taken from The Belle Brigade‘s song Where Not To Look For Freedom, one of my favorite songs these days.

At this time in my life, I have no one who depends on me for their life or or needs my support at all times– no people, no animals, no job and right now I’m off from school. So naturally I drove for five hours to Detroit, stayed for twelve, slept for six of those twelve, and then drove the five hours back to Chicago.

With friends from all over the country and who live all over the country, there are some things you just have to do. One friend visiting Chicago from LA, another mutual friend from Detroit was home and having an epic party to celebrate summertime… 1+1=2. It doesn’t take a mathematician.

Once we made it to Detroit, we called a cab to take us to an abandoned warehouse where our friend is having his party. There is no shortage of abandoned buildings in Detroit.  We give our cabbie the address and he responds, “Um. There’s something wrong with that address…”

With some requested clarification, it is revealed that we are going to one of the worst parts of Detroit. We assure him that in spite of appearances, we can hold our own and he reluctantly takes us. Mind you, this cab driver is also certifiably insane and a little mean. He is just saying things and laughing, probably making fun of us. I didn’t understand any of it, though I did laugh a couple of times. But it was at him, not with him. I coughed to try and cover it up, lest he think that I thought he was funny.

We finally get dropped off and he drives away uncertain that we won’t be murdered. (Sorry, Mom, I’m home safe and sound now). Our friend came out to meet us and gave us a tour of this warehouse. There were bowling pins set up, ten pins on each side and a football just sitting there. “It’s called fowling,” we are told. You take turns throwing the football at the pins opposite you, and the first team to knock them all down wins. It’s a movement that is going to sweep the nation. Mark my words.

A band played some songs and people danced, threw footballs at bowling pins and welcomed in the summer with open arms. I sat with my friend who made the drive from Chicago with me and asked, “Do you think we’ll remember this night?” And even though it was merely a hiccup as compared to the massive earthquake that life is, the answer is yes, I will remember. I will especially carry with me memories of the fowling, the friendship and the freedom from my trip to Detroit.

Okay now, it’s summer time. Let’s all watch The Sandlot, catch june bugs, and shoot fireworks!

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4 thoughts on “The Only Way to Find a Free Feeling: My Trip to Detroit

  1. Fowling ….. Sounds right up my “alley”. Do you need an abandoned wharehouse to play?

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed Fowling! Check out for all the rules and directions for making your own lanes. We have Fowled in Recreation Park in the past as my sister lives in Wrigleyville. Fowl on! Chutt from the Fowling Warehouse.

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