A Good Crowd is Hard to Find

I tend to avoid crowds. When there is a famous person who people are crowding around, I walk the other way. When there is a raucous melee on the streets, I make my way to safety and then tell an adult. When there are street performers gathering folks to watch them defy gravity or something, well, I don’t stay, but that’s mostly because street performers scare me (less to do with the crowd).

However, there are some things for which I will endure a crowd– art museums, concerts, music festivals, select food festivals, family gatherings, stuff like that. On the occasions that I bear droves of people (family gatherings excluded) and my anxiety level is a little higher than usual,  little things that I would normally ignore or be patient with become entirely unbearable.  Here are just a couple of those things:

1. Youngsters who push to the front of the floor at a concert. Seriously? He’s not looking at you. He doesn’t know you. And if he did, he’d probably think you were annoying too. Also, every time you turn your head you hit me with your ponytail. Stop it. Yes, I am becoming a curmudgeon. You’ll get there too, one day.

2. People who spend more time trying to take a picture of a piece of artwork in a museum than they actually spent looking at it with their own two eyes. Enjoy it when the original is right in front of you. If you want to see a replication of it, just Google image search it later. Or just snap a quick shot. It’s not hard, and everyone waiting to see the piece will thank you.

Okay, enough of my complaining. Here are the things that help me to have a good time in a crowd:

1. A beer or two.

2. One hilarious, outspoken child who is just havin’ a good ol’ time. This is less for a concert or museum scenario, but more so for a music festival or the zoo or something that is kid-friendly where noise is mostly permissible. Especially when this child is my nephew asking me repeatedly and loud enough for strangers to hear, “Hey, do you like alcohol?!” He was three at the time. I eventually told him yes. What? Was I supposed to lie?

3. Something beautiful to see or hear or eat.

4. A sunshiney, cool breezy kind of day.

5. Good friends and family to distract me from the fact that I’m in a crowd.

While you’ll find me at the occasional concert, museum and/or zoo because of the aforementioned things, I can guarantee you that all of the sunshine and cool breeze in the world couldn’t bring me to a crowd around a raucous melee of famous street performers. Ever.

But I’d definitely watch the Youtube video.

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One thought on “A Good Crowd is Hard to Find

  1. Cute, very funny. I like going to events and being around people, but when it comes to the crowd factor, I too have my list of things that annoy me. I *love* your ponytail comment. I mean, really, soooo annoying. And on the fights? I’m so with you, even in high school when people would head to go see the fight, I’d jet in the opposite direction. I don’t want to see someone get pummeled and I don’t want to be one of those bystanders who were hurt. 🙂

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