On Becoming a Curmudgeon

I know a few things about myself and one of them is that I don’t like to be hassled. If it’s not broken, I don’t fix it, even it is a little wobbly. If it’s easier to just walk away and I won’t lose anything significant by leaving it in my dust, you better believe I’m walking. Life is hard enough as it is, I don’t need to make it harder on myself or others. However, recently I’ve become more aware of the things that bother me and started to actually respond to those things. Maybe I’m growing up, or maybe I’m becoming a curmudgeon. Or maybe they’re the same thing?

I just finished my first year of graduate school (hooray!) and had to spend some time in the library working on my final papers. One afternoon, I picked a spot that allows for a quiet library view of Downtown Chicago, one of my favorite views in this city. This time, however, my quiet view was made noisy by two chatty law students. I tried to tune them out as much as possible, to focus on my work, but I had to give up. I sat with my laptop opened, pretending to work, but listening to their conversation for a few minutes. This was a mistake. These two gentlemen spoke for ten minutes about this girl who one of them invited to study with them, mind you, this is following a fifteen minute conversation about their workout regimens.

Dude 1: Well, if she comes I’m leaving. I never get anything done when she’s here. She just takes out her laptop and talks the entire time.

The irony is oozing out of this statement.

Dude 2: How would you feel if you asked if you could study with me and I told you no? I don’t wanna be a dick.

Aww… he’s the nice guy.

Dude 1: I know you love me anyway, so it wouldn’t matter. But seriously, if she comes, I’m going up to the ninth floor.

There was a lull in their conversation and all of a sudden, words were coming out of my mouth.

Me: If there’s someone coming who is going to make you guys talk any more than you already are, then I am definitely out of here.

Dudes 1 and 2 (in unison): (momentary blank stare) Oh, sorry.


They were quiet for the rest of the time they were there and the girl never came. I was happy with the results, but I honestly surprised myself with my interjection. What’s happening? Is this growing up?

Nah, not yet. I still have that pack of unpopped popcorn on my bookshelf in my bedroom. But I am taking steps there; after all, I have since purchased a full-sized comforter.

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3 thoughts on “On Becoming a Curmudgeon

  1. Jen

    Ugh, law students, am i right!

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