How Super Glue Saved My Day

Sure, Super Glue fixed my broken earring:

Broken Earring

See! Good as new!

But that’s not how it saved my day.

Let’s start from the beginning. I went to bed in a mood and woke up in a mood. I had a lot of things to take care of, but didn’t really feel like taking care of any of it. I ate a bowl of cereal and I watched Gotye’s recent performance on SNL, hoping that would get me going. No luck.

Then I hopped in the shower, blow dried and straightened my hair– sometimes spending a little more time on how I look can motivate me to do better. No luck. There was no shaking this mood. I was even drinking water out of my new, cool water bottle and still felt crappy.

I finally decided to pack up my stuff and take me and my cute hair to a coffee shop to get work done. But first I needed cute earrings, too. The pair that I wanted to wear (pictured above) were broken. One of them had broken in half a while back and I had only recently purchased Super Glue to repair it.

I screwed the top off the glue, poked the hole in the top, screwed the top back on and then went in for the fix. I either poked too big of a hole or squeezed way too hard because in less than a second my fingers and the bottom half of the earring were covered in Super Glue. Everybody panic!

I couldn’t touch anything and at the same time I couldn’t put this Super Glue-coated piece of earring down, partly because I was afraid it would stick to whatever I put it down on and partly because I literally couldn’t put it down; it was stuck to my finger. I grabbed the packaging with my non-gluey fingers, imagining that there were instructions on how to solve this. Surely, I could not have been the first person that this happened to. The back of the package did not let me down. As instructed, I prepared a bowl of warm soapy water and proceeded to rub my fingers together to get the glue off. As I stood there with my fingers immersed in soapy water, I was gently reminded of how absurd life is and how absurd I am. My poor mood quietly dissipated as I smiled and shook my head at myself.

My fingers were no longer sticky, but a film of glue remained on a few of my fingers. So I googled “how do you get dried super glue off your fingers?”  and found the best Yahoo answer from 6 years ago:

“Happened to me two days ago. Wait for it to dry, wash it thoroughly, and then bite the remaining glue off carefully with your teeth, then spit it out into the garbage.”

This threw me into a fit of laughter. Whatever remnants of my sour mood lingered were bitten off and spit into the garbage, just like the glue on this man’s fingers, metaphorically of course. I decided to try one of the more legitimate responses– nail polish remover. Success!

I went on with my day, feeling refreshed. Plus, on my way back home this song came on my shuffle:

With Sade by my side, I think I’ll be alright.

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One thought on “How Super Glue Saved My Day

  1. I think that’s my favorite Sade song ever! Thanks for reminding me.

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