The Things That Make Me Better

When I was in the fourth grade, I remember telling my mom that I needed a rollerball pen, specifically the Pilot Precise. After borrowing one from a friend in class, I was convinced that it made my handwriting better. Earlier that year, I had a cast on my right arm/wrist/hand after enduring a backyard basketball injury to the thumb (my thumb knuckle still clicks to this day). My penmanship suffered. It was true. I needed this pen.

More recently, while I had some time to kill downtown before an appointment, I was browsing through a stationery shop. Probably my favorite kind of shop to browse. After picking out some pretty greeting cards to have on hand (just in case), I found this beauty:

My New Water Bottle

"I make drinking water cool!"

I do not drink enough water. I have a plastic water bottle, but it has too many hard to reach crevices for me to be confident in its ability to be thoroughly cleaned. Besides, this one looked like a hummingbird feeder that my grandmother used to have hanging in her backyard. Not only is it glass, but it also has a nostalgic quality. And we all know how much I love nostalgia.

So far, it’s working. I have been drinking more water and I have been feeling much better because of it. Normally, I don’t endorse consumerism, but on occasion a product comes along that makes you better. Admittedly, it’s all a mind game. I have convinced myself that in order to build better water-drinking habits I needed this bottle, just like I needed that pen. Could my penmanship have improved without that pen? Probably. Would it have been as fun? Probably not. Same goes for this water bottle. With a little bit more commitment to good habits, I could make myself drink more water daily. But that’s boring. Now I have a new cute water bottle and better water-drinking habits.

My policy on these kinds of things is do what makes you happy and buy what makes you better. What are the things that make you better?

And now for your listening pleasure, my favorite song about hummingbirds (it’s a metaphor).

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3 thoughts on “The Things That Make Me Better

  1. I miss singing with you! That song makes me melancholy. When I typed that on the Ipad the auto correct said “melon holy”….. I don’t know which one I like better. I love that bottle! Sometimes the right shoes make me sing better. I’m pretty sure that is true.

    • i believe it! it’s all about how the “thing” makes you feel. this water bottle, your shoes, Chelsie’s cheetah print anything… they make us feel like a million bucks.

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