Something Special Happened Today

Well, technically, it happened on Monday.

I woke up Monday morning to go to an internship interview. As I laid in bed, allowing myself the chance to get used to being awake again, I knew something was amiss. Writing it off to nerves and the chili nachos I had eaten the night before, I made my way to the bathroom to begin my morning routine. Then, in spite of how much I despise it and try to avoid it at all costs, I got sick. (Too much information? Sorry.)

Then I Googled “calling in sick to an interview” to see if anybody had ever written anything about this before. They hadn’t really. I found one Yahoo! answers or something of the like, but most of the stuff was about calling in “sick” to one job to interview for a new one. For the first time in a long time, Google failed me.

Plagued with the dilemma of calling in or not, I was stuck. Would they be willing to reschedule? Would they think me unreliable? I had no idea how many other applicants they had or what their flexibility was or if I would get sick again. After a couple of phone calls home to get some advice, the consensus was in– unless I felt  100% positive that I would puke all over the desk of my interviewer, I was going to that interview.

I went. The interview happened. I wasn’t my best, but I wasn’t my worst. (Don’t ask. I’m not ready to talk about my worst).

On my way home, after stopping for some Ginger Ale and Pepto Bismol, I found myself singing this song:

Often when I sing to myself, I don’t even realize that I’m doing it, let alone what song I’m singing. When I finally became conscious of the song that I was singing, I had to laugh a little. Something special had certainly happened that day, but I don’t know that I’d compare it to hitting only green lights.


UPDATE: Green lights or none, I got the internship!

ANOTHER UPDATE: I will never eat chili nachos again.

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5 thoughts on “Something Special Happened Today

  1. claire

    of course you got the internship!

    also, i love aloe blacc.

  2. Great Song!! Congrats. Chili Nachos is probably never a good idea. So happy for you.

  3. Aunt Mary

    As a commuter, I truly appreciate the glory of this song. Congrats on the internship – details?

  4. MMMNNNNN, chili nachos!

  5. Aunt Mary

    Ironically, I saw this article today … I guess it’s a good thing you didn’t mention the chili nachos or how you felt when you woke up that morning!

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