Resolution Updates

This title would imply that I ever told you what my resolutions were. I didn’t. I have an unintentional history of doing the thing that everyone is doing, but years later. (You wanna talk about Hunger Games? Call me in the fall of 2014). So now that it’s March, I figured I should share them and probably hold myself accountable to them. But before I do and just for fun, here are Woody Guthrie’s from 1942. My favorites? … “Wash teeth if any” and “Wear clean clothes- look good”. I’ll take on some of his in 2013, but for this year we have:

1. Put my clothes and shoes away at the end of the day.

2. Learn to play the guitar and then write a song (or do them simultaneously).

3. Devote more time to creativity.

My progress in short: 1) not good, 2) good, and 3) so good.

My progress in long:

1. This has always been a problem in my life. My college roommate can attest to the pile of not clean, but not really dirty clothes that lived on my bed during the day and on my desk chair during the night. So quickly after being clean, my room becomes cluttered by clothes and shoes. This has been a resolution for two years running and let’s just say I am still waiting for good habits to stick in this regard. Think good thoughts for me.

2. I am learning to play guitar and I am loving it. Please see My Newest Infatuation to learn about my adventures in guitaring. I’ve toyed around with some lyrics for a song, but am still completely unprepared to skillfully craft a tune to accompany my words. I’m getting there though.

and finally,

3. I have devoted my Sunday nights to creativity. This can include writing, painting, playing guitar, crafting, making mixed CDs, etc. I have mostly spent my creative time journaling and writing letters and blog posts. This has been a welcome addition in my life.

This year’s resolutions have been the most specific and doable than any year of resolutions to date. I am finding that this is the best way to make changes– through small, tangible and doable tasks. With every pair of shoes I take off and put away at the end of the day, my life is changing.

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7 thoughts on “Resolution Updates

  1. YAY! I use the bed downstairs as a clothes bed. House guests? Sorry, clothes-bed is full.

  2. It seems that when I finally grew up and discovered the great joy of keeping a clean room/house….I had children and had to start all over again but they aren’t my dirty clothes or shoes.

  3. Mama

    I’m helping with number 3 🙂 Will be sending you some ❤

  4. Aunt Mary

    First, let me thank you for the Woody Guthrie quote – love it! Secondly, I’m right there with you on the clothes issue. In fact, one of my resolutions was that I would put my clean clothes away after doing the laundry instead of piling them on my bed or, worse yet, my beautiful hope chest but, alas, I’ve failed at that. Maybe if I accomplish one of my other resolutions – to clean out my closet and other storage areas and donate all the old, unused stuff – I might be more likely to put things away.

    However, I must confess my biggest sin in this regard is about shoes … I take them off when I get home and they live (many, many, many of them) under the coffee table until I pick them all up (hopefully on Saturday morning, but that doesn’t always happen) and take them upstairs where they belong.

    I am proud of you for putting your priorities in order, though – your creativity and permission granted to yourself to do what makes you happy are far more important than a clean room. Keep up the good work!

  5. Jen

    Are those all your resolutions 😉

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