This Magic Moment

Remember the look that Squints gave his sandlot buddies just before he attempted to make-out with Wendy Peffercorn, the “oiling and lotioning” lifeguard? Just in case you don’t… check it out at 2:06 and again at 4:09:

Pretty sneaky, right? Oh, Squints… The great part is that he ends up with Wendy in the end. What a champ! If I’ve learned anything from Squints, and I haven’t, it’s to take crazy risks in the name of love. … I digress.

What would you say if I told you I got a look like that from a bus driver recently?

I ride the same bus two days a week to my internship. There is a rotation of bus drivers for this particular route and most of them are completely unaffected by their passengers, and if they are affected, it’s usually negatively. The other day, I got on the bus and the driver, as usual, didn’t really care if I did or didn’t. I ran my pass through and took my seat without saying anything. If I can, I usually try to take a window seat so I can lean my head against the wall of the bus and rest my brain for the 45-minute bus ride. I took my seat and began my head leaning.

After zoning out for I don’t know how long, I was brought back to the present, back to the bus, by the driver’s announcement, “It appears that there is a ditch in the road up ahead, so hold on tight.”  With that simple and rare announcement, he saved me from hitting my head on the bus wall as it rocked its way over the ditch. Seems simple, and it is, but this made my day. Well, I thought it did; this was only an omen for the goodness that was yet to come.

A few stops down the line, there was a passenger in a wheelchair waiting to get on. This required some rearrangement of the front of the bus. Typically the bus driver will take this opportunity to take a short break and get irritated if people don’t do what they’re supposed to, but he actually unbuckled to prepare the space for the wheelchair-bound passenger. Most of the people who were sitting in the front had already moved, but there was an older woman still there who had fallen asleep. The driver made his way directly to her and sat down quietly next to her, that’s when I got it, the Squints look…


Something's 'bout to go down...

After our momentary and telling eye contact, he returned to the task at hand. With the gentleness of a mother whose child had fallen asleep in an unfamiliar place, the bus driver placed his hand on her shoulder, woke her up, quietly and thoroughly explained what was happening (so as not to startle her), and helped her to change seats.

I was beside myself with surprise and awe, not unlike that of Squint’s sandlot buddies. I wanted to ask him, “Did you plan that?” and would expect nothing less than, “‘Course I did. Been plannin’ it for years.”

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5 thoughts on “This Magic Moment

  1. Aunt Mary

    I’ve looked and looked, but I can’t find the “Like” button!

  2. “you’re killing me Smalls”

  3. Mama

    I and love and you, so much!

  4. stister

    i love this!

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