List of Reasons I Know I’m Not a Grown-Up Yet

Just the other day, I was wondering to myself when I would ever feel like a grown-up. I drink coffee, I complain about the work I have to do, I go out on the weekends because I “deserve it”, but still there’s something missing. Here is a list of the things that keep me from full adulthood:

1. I still have trouble with jacket zippers.

2. I can never put my change/credit card away fast enough after I pay for something at a store.

3. I have several pairs of socks with hearts on them.

4. I sing along out loud to grocery store music. Sometimes I dance.

5. I use a twin-sized comforter on my full-sized bed. This only bothers me a little (not enough to throw down $50-$100 for a new one).

6. My favorite wardrobe item is (is? are? I never know) my jeans that are too big for me. Sweatpants jeans. (See What’s Love Got to Do With It? for the reference.)

7. I don’t keep regular household items, like band-aids or kleenex.

8. Right now, in my room, there is a pack of microwave popcorn (unpopped, of course). I don’t know why it’s in here, but it is.

9. When I skype with my sister in Los Angeles, half of our conversation is us making faces at ourselves.

Maybe once I graduate from grad school, I’ll miraculously have the grace to zip up my jacket quickly and smoothly, to pay for my groceries without fumbling with my card, forgetting to sign the credit card screen and leaving one whole bag of groceries on the counter, maybe just maybe I’ll buy myself the right sized comforter for my bed and put the unpopped popcorn back in the kitchen, but for now, I’m happy in this quasi-grown-up stage I’m in. And, besides, I might need that popcorn one of these days and I’ll be glad that I have it accessible.

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5 thoughts on “List of Reasons I Know I’m Not a Grown-Up Yet

  1. Mama

    Re: item #2. Being grown up is when you calmly and deliberately put your card and change away and, frankly, don’t give a damn if it’s ” fast enough”

    • thejoblesswonder

      the “frankly, don’t give a damn” was suspect. i didn’t think this would come from my mom. i was right. this is my pops, undercover.

  2. Have to say that even though the phrasing was not your mom, I think the action spoken of was. I always admire your mom’s ability to do what she needs to with out getting flustered. On the whole grown up thing I get it! I sometimes look around my house and wonder when it will stop looking like a college student in their first apartment. Not sure what it is about a hodge podge mix of found things and hand-me-down furniture that makes me think I have not grown up…..well, that and the fact that I have to much fun on the weird spinny thing at the park. Actually, when I think about it the latter is a mixture because I can’t help myself but once or twice around makes me really nauseous now and when I was a kid I could spin forever. When did that happen?

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