What’s Love Got To Do With It?

What is it about love that makes everybody go crazy? I’m not looking for an explanation of hormones, synapses and chemicals– it’s mostly a rhetorical question. And I’m not just talking about people being in love. Nope. People love to know about when other people are in love. You want to see a girl (and some dudes, too) get all excited about something that has absolutely nothing to do with her (or him)? Start talking about all of the old couples in When Harry Met Sally. I only know because I do it, too. (“I knew the way you know about a good melon…” It gets me every time!)


Now, you may think that this post has something to do with the impending holiday. (That which shall not be named– I don’t want to give it more clout than it already has). But, this is not the reason for the subject matter. In fact, the topic was inspired by you, my dears. I have something to teach you, about you. Read on.

I don’t get a ton of traffic on my blog, but a couple weeks ago when I posted about my “New Infatuation“, it got the most hits that it has ever gotten on one, single day. So this led me to conclude that, though most try to deny its impact on them, the dramatized, romanticized, exciting kind of love has got a hold on us all. Lured in by the promise of tales of a brand new relationship with a real boy, my readers came in droves only to be disappointed by tales of a girl and her guitar. Sorry that I’m not sorry.

I love a good romantic comedy as much as the next girl. And there are songs that capture the essence of love, and consequently, my heart. (Damn you, Phil Collins!) I daydream about love and have let it sneak in a time or two in my own life.

But there is more to life than this. There are things like guitar and my jeans that are so worn that they feel more like sweatpants now, there is wood fired pizza and cold pints of beer, there are afternoon naps and my slippers that I got for Christmas. I could keep going with all of the things life has to offer us me (because you can’t have my jeans or slippers, but take all the afternoon naps you want), but I think I’ve made my point– have fun with love, but never forget the importance of a good pair of sweatpants jeans.

I love you, sweatpants jeans!

I love you, sweatpants jeans!

And a special infographic on love from one of my new favorite blogs to read. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “What’s Love Got To Do With It?

  1. Ah, Maddy. Your posts make my day! Please be on Twitter, please!

    • thejoblesswonder

      Truth be told… I’ve been considering it. But it may have to wait until May 2013, when I’m done with grad school.

  2. Aunt Mary

    I love your Harry Potterish reference to The Day That Shall Not Be Named! And if you go on Twitter, I would actually join so I could follow you to the ends of the earth!

    I just caught up on the past few posts – so glad you’re back!

    • thejoblesswonder

      trying to be better about posting… thanks for being a loyal reader, Aunt Mary!

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