Newest Infatuation

I am smitten. I think about it on the train, when I should be focusing on school work, before I go to sleep at night and first thing when I wake up in the morning. When I meet up with friends, it’s always a topic of conversation– how much time I spend on it, my excitement about it and feeling like I’ve finally gotten something figured out.

This is not what I'm talking about.

I am finally learning to play guitar. And I am in love.

This is what I'm talking about.

Do not  mistake my effusive expression of love for my new hobby as an indication of skill level. To set the record straight, I am not good at it; but with the promise of skill in the future, I can tolerate my lack of fluidity between chords, my muddling through songs until I’ve played them 1,000 times to finally get the chord progression down and my discomfort playing in front of people. I only hope they can tolerate it all, too.

Anyway, I am excited to put tunes to songs that I’ve been listening and singing along to my whole life. I’ve even recently (read: today) started working on this one.

Maybe in a year’s time I’ll be ready to actually play for you. But for now, I’ll post my favorites that I’m learning and you can just imagine me playing them.

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3 thoughts on “Newest Infatuation

  1. Aunt Mary

    My imagination is running wild and, dammit girl, you’re really good! Can’t wait to hear you in person.

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