So This Is Fall

I am Cinderella, except my Prince Charming is a Midwestern season. I have fallen in love with Fall so hard, let me count the ways:

1. The crunching of leaves. So fun.

2. There is a hanging sign outside of our apartment for a lawyer, who I’m pretty sure doesn’t have an office below us anymore. Anyway, as this Autumn wind picks up, it swings back and forth and the sound, reminiscent of an old rusty swing set, is a constant and simultaneous reminder of vacant old western towns, scary abandoned houses, other creepy-cool things and somehow Are You Afraid of the Dark? and my childhood.

3. Crisp air, blue skies and clouds that seem like they have been cut out of magazines and glued to the sky.

4. Pumpkins and squashes and gourdes! Oh my!

5. The colors of Fall, the infinite shades of brown- it’s overwhelming. (Unintentional haiku).

6. The elusive, magic-y kind of feeling about the city…  you know, the smell of adventure, or something like that.

Maybe it’s because I’m from Los Angeles and the novelty of seasons is more than a California girl can bear, but really, Fall has won me over entirely.

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One thought on “So This Is Fall

  1. How about the “emerald green” of envy! Pennsylvania in October is also quite breath taking and unbelievable. I remember thinking “this is so beautiful it can’t be real” I find that as I age I am loving fall more and more. Insert your own metaphor here.

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