Worry for What It’s Worth

I am one of those people who will have some vague memory of a quote that somehow applies to something you’re going through and obnoxiously try to muddle through a recollection of it as an offering of my sympathy and understanding, or else an offering of a challenge to overcome it. I can’t help myself. Bear with me as I muddle through this one that I am trying to think of as an offering to myself as I worry fruitlessly about my impending move to Chicago. It’s something about the worst things in life being the ones that never happen.

My imagination as it relates to the possible bad things that could  happen in my life is relentless. Being hit by a car, being completely broke in a new city, people hating my guts because of something I said without thinking. It is ridiculous how much time I spend worrying about things that never happen. So in an effort to simplify my life and my thoughts, I am going to try to only worry for what worry is worth. And that’s not much.

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3 thoughts on “Worry for What It’s Worth

  1. theoldman

    Maddo, For what it’s worth, you never need to worry again; I worry enough about you for both of us .

    • thejoblesswonder

      Old Man, if you were trying to be encouraging, try again. If you were trying to reaffirm my worry, good work.

  2. “cut from the same cloth you are.” maybe not an exact quote but I think Yoda said that.

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