Phil-asta-phy or My Philosophy on Pasta

Pasta is a big part of my life. For one, you can eat it with cheese. For two, it is quick and easy to make for one or for twenty. For two and half, it is inexpensive. For three, it makes for great leftovers. For four, it is delicious- but only when done properly.

You can’t just boil it and dump a jar of sauce on. Oh no no no… there are ratios and additions to consider!

My phil-asta-phy is simple:

The pasta itself is merely a vehicle for a delcisiously chunky red sauce, chock full of additional spices and vegetables– maybe even meat, if you’re feeling particularly carnivorous. And just when you think you have enough sauce to cover your pasta, pour more on.

That is all.

And now for some examples of unsatisfactory pasta:

Not Enough Sauce

Nowhere near enough sauce.


Not Enough Veggies

Nowhere near enough additions.


Please do not comment on the fact that phil-asta-phy sounds like colostomy. I’ve already thought that. Thank you.

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One thought on “Phil-asta-phy or My Philosophy on Pasta

  1. You are singing my song! My question is why are meatballs somehow more special than just putting ground beef in your sauce. I just love the way pasta can handle sauteed veggies, ground turkey, ground beef, or, dare I say it….shrimp. That’s TWAAAAZZZYY! Pass the garlic bread.

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