The Moments That Define Us

I am still a fairly new driver, but I have finally gotten comfortable behind the wheel, on LA freeways and all. I still have to work on my parallel parking skills, but that, thank God, does not define me.

Anyway, I was driving through the Echo Park/Silverlake area with a dear friend. I was on my way to her house after a lovely dinner out. We approached an intersection and a very green light. Just as we were about to enter the intersection, the guy waiting to make a left in front of us, in a bout of inexplicable stupidity, decided to take his turn. I slammed on my brakes and yelled words that I had no control over. Then I fell madly in love with my little Honda Civic’s brakes.

Yards away from a really bad car accident, the gentleman finished making his left and my friend and I continued on, my knuckles white on the steering wheel.

“I can’t believe he did that!” I said, a little bit of the panic lingering in my relief.

“I can’t believe you didn’t honk your horn!” She responded. We both laughed. Then, in that voice she always uses when mocking something I have said, she jokingly yelled, “What in the world?!”

It is in that moment that I realized that those are the words that came out of my mouth as I headed toward a potential head-on collision.


It is these simple things, the moments where we don’t have the time to overthink what it is we are going to do, that give the clearest picture of who we are. In conclusion, I am the type of girl who says “what in the world” in moments of imminent danger. What does this say about me?

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3 thoughts on “The Moments That Define Us

  1. theoldman

    that you have risen above the bad influence of certain people who should have been a better example.

  2. I think it CLEARLY says you are your grandmother’s granddaughter. “Sugar!” Need I say more.

  3. Mary

    It says you definitely got the gene that regulates what comes out of your mouth in extreme moments of stress or panic from your mother’s side of the family! Good for you!

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