On the Eve of 26: My Experiment with Italics and Parentheses

Ever since I was in early high school there has been something about 25–everything would happen when I was 25. And now that I find myself on the eve of my 26th birthday, I wonder (in writing) if everything did happen when I was 25 and if the year lived up to the teenaged-Maddy hype.

In no particular order, here is the list of notable things I did as a 25-year-old:

1. I ran a race (not a long one, but a race nonetheless).

2. I got my driver license (finally).

3. I kissed some frogs (metaphorically).

4. I went to Chicago (and fell in love).

5. I bought a car (and am still currently buying it).

6. I attended three beautiful weddings.

7. I watched some really funny youtube videos (forreal).

8. I made a few, new, true friendships.

9. I bought hand weights (that still sit at the foot of my bed, dying to be used).

10. I began applying for graduate school.

Well now, after that exhaustive list, I come to the conclusion that, yes, everything did happen when I was 25, but it’s not done happening. So here’s to longer races, road trips, perhaps a prince or two, more Midwestern adventures, laughter shared with new, true friends over funny youtube videos, and, last but not least, to weights that get lifted! On to 26!

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4 thoughts on “On the Eve of 26: My Experiment with Italics and Parentheses

  1. Having just returned from Chicago…I totally get it! Happy Birthday! Just remember one thing….once you start lifting those hand weights…it’s really a life long commitment. Just be sure it’s what you want.

  2. Mary

    That’s a list to be proud of, so congratulations to you! Always remember that you have many who love you and support your efforts as you begin working on the next list. Oh, and one more thing … no matter how young or how old we are, where the roads lead us and how many princes (or frogs) we meet on the way, there will always be GARLIC BALLS! Love you lots!

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