Instant Connections

In this age of immediate gratification and internet “real time” interaction  (I’m not sure I really understand what they mean by that yet (or who ‘they’ are), or how it’s the same as talking to someone face to face), there is something to be said for spending time to get to know someone. Patience is a virtue, though I’m not sure how much it is valued anymore. A topic for another time.

Recognizing the value in patience and the importance of investing time in someone, there is also a place for those instances when you meet someone who it is entirely effortless to get to know– the people in our lives who we have known forever, in spite of having just met.

You can tell them embarrassing stories because you just know they have done the same thing or something similar and are not ashamed to admit it. You can call them up when you have nothing better to do and they aren’t insulted, because they don’t either. You don’t have to over-explain why you do or don’t do things, because they are not confused by the fact that you sat in your parked car like a creepy person for five minutes deciding whether or not you wanted to go into the bar and then ultimately went home (too specific?). You can laugh so hard at things that would not be nearly as funny if you were with someone else. Just to name a few of the greatest things about insta-friends.

These are the people that make life lovable. I just wish they weren’t so rare.

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