I’m Afraid to Write

The decision is final, but nothing else about it is: I am applying to graduate school in Social Work for fall of 2011.

I began to look at one of the applications and you would think that after writing paper after paper as an English major and Philosophy minor that I would be completely unfazed by what a graduate application calls a “Statement of Purpose.”

Not so. I am utterly fazed by even the idea of a statement of purpose. There is a finality to it that I feel unprepared for. So I suppose I better get my practice by blogging more frequently.

At this point this is what I have for the three different prompts:

1. Why this school? Why this program? (I’m paraphrasing).

My Current Answer: (exasperated) I don’t know. I feel like it. Plus it seems like fun.

2. Address previous work, educational and volunteer experiences and assess strengths and weaknesses. (once again paraphrasing)

My Current Answer: (once again exasperated) I don’t know. I try things and sometimes I’m good at them and sometimes I’m not. I’m really good at caring about people, but I suck at not getting personally attached.

3. Choose a question from a list of four and write a convincing argument in favor of or against the issue at hand. (My words, not theirs).

My Current Answer: I don’t wanna.

Do you think they’ll let me in?

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2 thoughts on “I’m Afraid to Write

  1. Aunt Mary

    I would trust that the exasperation & uncertainty is caused by the seemingly overwhelming amount of information you’re taking in all at once. After your brain and your heart settle down from the initial read, take each piece one at a time and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect words to show them why they’d be crazy not to beg you to be part of their program! Go get ’em, Maddy!

    PS Perhaps some drippy garlic balls will help ease the pressure of the task at hand!

  2. I’m all for you writing more. I love to read what you write.

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