The Wonder of a Job

I was at a coffee shop one evening last week, beginning to study for the GRE. There was a man who asked me what I was doing, which of course struck up conversation about careers and life goals. This is what I talk about with strangers.

In talking about careers and life goals, you also inevitably talk about jobs. And do I know something about jobs. First of all, I like having one. Recent developments, like getting a license and buying a car have even led me to consider the possibility (necessity) of creating extra work for myself to generate supplemental income. If you need a babysitter…

But as I talked to this guy, who seemed to know the barista, who also joined the conversation, I came to know that they were both masseurs. When I mentioned that I might want to take on additional work, they both nodded as if they understood all too well the need. The barista went on to claim that that was the precise reason he also worked at the coffee shop. And then it hit me:

I am selfish. I have a good, stable job with people I like, doing work that I like for an organization that I love. But I want more. Here are these two men, who provide a much-needed service to overworked Americans, and who probably love providing that service, struggling to make it work so much that they need to work extra jobs and hours to make ends meet. Me? I just want more money so I can do fun things, go on trips, and maybe also save a bit for when I eventually go back to school.

Sometimes I forget to think about how it was for me when I was truly jobless, or piecing together jobs and projects.  I suppose that’s the wonder of a job- when you have one you don’t think twice about it, take it for granted, but when it’s not there, it’s all you can think about.

But seriously, if you need a babysitter, call me.

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