Bad Choices… 4 Years Later

I have never been known for my bravery. As a child, I would hide behind my parents, especially if dogs or unfamiliar drunk people were around (usually at select California bluegrass festivals). I have never been a fan of the unpredictable and have chosen to surround myself with that which I can rely on and makes me feel safe.

Over four years ago, I began blogging and my kick-off blog was titled “Bad Choices”, inspired by a movement in my life to make room for bravery. As I described in the original post, by “bad choices” I don’t mean irresponsible, I just mean unusual for myself. I don’t mean unsafe, I just mean not as prescribed. The time has come once again to encourage myself to make “bad choices.”

I have been working full-time for almost a year now, and I find myself dissatisfied with the routine that I let myself fall into- wake-up, shower, go to work, do a good job, come home, do some other things, eat some food, and do it again tomorrow. So I am revowing to make some bad choices.

For starters, in four weeks, I am going to Chicago and Portland in the midst of a pay schedule transition. Eeek! In the new fiscal year, my job is changing its pay schedule, so there will be a 22-day gap between the last payday of the old fiscal year and the first of the new one. And to make matters worse, I will be on vacation! Not to mention, I have hopes of buying a car in the next few months and should be pinching pennies to make that work.

Bad choices!

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3 thoughts on “Bad Choices… 4 Years Later

  1. Wow! Chicago is a great town. You will have a blast and please enjoy every minute of it although I will say that while Chicago pizza is good…don’t buy into the hype. It’s just good pizza. Have fun. I truly believe that it will turn out just the way it is supposed to.

  2. Aunt Mary

    Just remember the real reason you’re going to Chicago … don’t let money fears take that away from you. Your so-called bad choice could be the beginning of dreams come true. Enjoy!!!

  3. I am late to this, but it made me smile big time! Cheers for bad choices!

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