Something I’ve Noticed

When my alarm sounds on a weekday morning, it is met with such disdain. With a sleepy scowl and eyes glued shut with resistance to the day, I reach over and hit snooze four or five times. Even when I finally make the decision to not hit snooze and actually turn the alarm off, I lie in bed for a few more minutes, keeping at bay the cold tile bathroom floor, the unwelcome mouthwash, and the lukewarm water that will wash away that resistance. There are some mornings where several internal pep talks are necessary.

But say it’s Saturday and that resistance washes itself away. On weekend mornings I am fine: no scowl, no resistance, no snooze, no alarm even. I wake up around the same time and am perfectly content to be awake and to begin to think about the things that I need to do that day.

Why is that?

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3 thoughts on “Something I’ve Noticed

  1. Aunt Mary

    One word … CONTROL! The day is yours to design, so your body and your mind see it as an opportunity of your own making, not an agenda prepared and enforced by outside influences.

  2. Aunt Michele (and sponsor)

    It gets even more strange when you are a stay at home mom. Everyday is a “get up too early day” and yet I still have that little lift on Fridays when the “work” week is over. I go to the same office every day and yet the week days still hold the same sort of feeling that they did when I was a student or single and working. I do however now stay up way too late because once the kids are in bed it is “me”time. I can watch what I want and eat without having to share or dish it out for four other people. That makes waking up even harder so I’m not so sure I am doing myself any favors. Coffee anyone?

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